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2022 Sewer Lining Map

National Power Rodding Company has been contracted to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer system in some areas of Elburn. They will begin with televising and cleaning the sewers on August 15 before proceeding with rehabilitation. Residents living near the sanitary sewer project areas will receive notification prior to work starting in their neighborhood.

Internal televising and cleaning of sewers use high-pressure water in the sewer. The high pressure may force air through the service line. Residents may hear noises or gurgling sounds from their plumbing during the cleaning/televising process. Toilet seats should be kept down to prevent water from splashing.

The rehabilitation process is being performed using trenchless procedures, so there should be little or no need for excavation. However, during the installation process, we request that you suspend/minimize your water usage and therefore your sewer usage. Once your service connection for your sewage has been placed back into service, a representative of the contractor will notify you so that you may resume your typical usage.

Project areas include Jay, Reader, Babcock, Read, Shannon, Main, N. 2nd, E. Pierce, 3rd, 1st, E. Willow, E. Nebraska, Kansas, and E. South Streets. Please see the 2022 Sewer Lining Map for further details.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Village of Elburn Public Works Department at (630) 365-5064 or