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Vehicle Patrol
Vehicle patrol is the primary type of patrol for the Elburn Police Department. Officers patrolling in vehicles are often able to respond to calls for service in a more timely manner than on bicycles or on foot. All front line marked patrol vehicles are equipped with emergency lights, sirens, computers, radios, traffic safety tools and basic crime scene investigation tools.

An officer on vehicle patrol is responsible for responding to calls for service, patrolling the neighborhoods and business districts, traffic enforcement, and crime prevention.

Bicycle Patrol 
The Elburn bicycle patrol was started in 2004. The bicycle patrol is used to supplement the vehicle patrol during special events in the summer months. In the past, you may have seen the bicycle patrol working at festivals, assisting with crowd control, finding lost parents, and maneuvering through the crowds at Elburn Days to assist citizens. Officers trained in the use of the bicycle as a patrol tool utilize specially outfitted mountain bicycles. Training consists of correct operation of the bicycle, speed drills, negotiating stairs, completing an obstacle course, and maintenance.

Bike patrol1

Foot Patrol 
Foot patrol is the oldest and most interactive type of patrolling. It allows the community to have one-on-one contact with the officers. Officers patrolling the streets in a vehicle or bicycle will often do foot patrols at businesses, in neighborhoods, and in areas where there are large gatherings. During special events, such as the Elburn Days and Day in the Park events, officers are often assigned to foot patrol to interact with the community and provide a better response time when a call for service occurs in areas inaccessible to vehicles.

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