Space Needs RFQ 6-21-19

Request for Qualifications/Proposals for

Space Needs Consulting Services for

A New Police Station for

The Village of Elburn Illinois

The Village of Elburn Illinois is issuing this Request for Qualifications to solicit qualifications (“Proposals”) from qualified firms to provide consulting services to prepare a space needs assessment study for a new police facility.

In order to have your Proposal considered, it must be submitted in a sealed envelope containing three (3) copies, plainly marked “Consulting Services for Elburn Police Space Needs Study”. Faxed or e-mailed Proposals will not be accepted.


Proposals must be received at the Elburn Police Department 301 E. North Street Elburn, IL 60119, no later than July 29, 2019 at 1:00 pm. Proposals received after the closing time and date will be returned unopened.

The Village of Elburn reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to withhold selections of shortlisted teams for any reason it may determine, or to waive or decline irregularities in any submittal. The Village of Elburn will evaluate submissions taking into account qualifications, ability of key personnel, past record and experience, performance data on file, willingness to meet time and budget requirements, location, workload of the firm and other factors as contained herein. The Village of Elburn reserves the right to conduct discussion with and require public presentations by firms deemed to be the most qualified regarding their qualifications, approach to the project and ability to furnish the required services. On the basis of the foregoing the Village of Elburn shall select firms which it deems to be the most qualified.

Interpretation or corrections of the RFQ documents will be made only by written addendum which will be mailed, e-mailed, or delivered to each offeror of record. The Village of Elburn is not responsible for any other explanations or interpretations of the RFQ and/or RFQ documents.


For additional information about this RFQ, any other aspect of the selection process or the project in general, please contact:

Name: Chief of Police Nicholas Sikora

Phone: 630-365-5070


 Absolutely no informal communication shall occur regarding this RFQ, including requests for information, or speculation between Offeror’s or any of their individual members and any City elected official or employee.

 Any cost incurred by the Offeror in Preparation, transmittal, or presentation of any information or material submitted in response to the RFQ, shall be borne solely by the Offeror.

1.0 Overview:

A. Space Needs Study:

The police facility space needs consultant will prepare questionnaires, interview staff, and prepare a draft and final space needs document.

The space needs assessment will quantify space needs for today, ten years, and twenty year milestones. The space needs study will include:

  1. An Executive Summary
  2. A review of existing spaces
  3. A list of applicable codes, accreditation standards, and regulations
  4. A square foot site needs summary defining: parking needs, building footprint, setbacks, and landscape requirements for milestones
  5. Building adjacency diagrams
  6. Designer guidelines for security and special systems
  7. Square footage needs for the building for milestones prescribed
  8. Graphic representation of space standards used

B. Site Feasibility:

After determination of the size of the site needed, the Village will research available sites which meet the approved criteria. The Consultant will then review and rank up to three appropriate sites for suitability and provide a written recommendation to the Village.

C. Budget Development:

With the size of the facility and site determined, the Consultant will develop a project budget to carry out the work. The budget should identify:

  1. Construction costs anticipated by square foot (at midpoint of anticipated construction)
  2. Furniture, fixtures and equipment
  3. Professional fees (Architect/Engineer, Construction Management and other special consultants needed)
  4. Testing services prior to (soils, EIR, hazmat) and during construction (asphalt, welds etc).
  5. Telephone and data systems
  6. Utility and connection fees
  7. Permitting and plan review fees
  8. Design contingency
  9. Construction contingency
  10. Other costs that will be attributed to the

D. Presentations:

The consultant will make up to three presentations to the Village Board. One at initial data gathering, another to present the draft space needs study, and a final presentation recommending a site and project budget.

E. Optional Services:

The consultant may be asked to suggest and conduct tours of comparable police facilities. The consultant may be asked to assist the Village with decisions regarding building development / delivery options.

Upon execution of the Agreement with the selected firm the Village will expect the consultant to be prepared to quickly commence work. It is hoped to begin the study in September of 2019.


2.0  Qualification Submission Requirements:

All responsive submissions must be in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFQ. As a minimum the following information shall be submitted:

A. The Name of the Firm, identifying its Principal Shareholders, Partners or Members. It should define the period of time the Offeror has been operating its business offering similar consulting

B. Name, resume, project list, educational background, and five (5) project references (with phone numbers) and of key staff that will be assigned to this project. Identify how many years this staff member has been employed by your firm, and other firms. Define any other project responsibilities key staff assigned to this project are currently involved

C. The Offeror will be required to provide proof of general and professional liability

D. A list of other police facility space needs projects for cities of similar size that the firm has provided planning services for in the past five to seven (5 – 7) years. Provide current contact names and phone numbers for each project listed. If the primary contact has retired or is no longer available, provide the name of an individual now responsible for the

E. Any additional information reflecting the Offeror’s ability to complete projects within established schedules and budgets. Any additional information to demonstrate the ability of the Offeror to perform the tasks described

F. Schedule:

Firms submitting qualifications must provide a proposed bar chart schedule to identify the time that should be allowed for each task herein.


3.0  Short List/Interview Procedures:

After proposals have been received and reviewed by the Village selection committee not less than three firms will be selected. Those firms will be notified and invited to participate in a short list/final selection phase. It is intended that this phase will include the following steps:

A. Notification:

Written notification of top ranked firms.

B. Interviews:

Top ranked firms will be asked to present their credentials, introduce their key team members, and present their project approach approximately two weeks after the short list notification. The consultant should illustrate their design and study methodology and identify what attributes and unique qualifications their firm brings to this project.

C. Final Ranking:

After the interviews the Village will rank the firms.

D. Negotiation/Scope Development:

The top ranked firm will be notified in writing and will be asked to meet and submit their prospective scope of services and refine their fee (to be broken down by phases).

If, after discussion and negotiation the parties do not agree on a mutually acceptable fee, the Village will terminate negotiations with the top ranked firm and, at its sole discretion: enter into negotiations with the second ranked firm, withhold the award for any reason, elect not to proceed with any of the proponents, or re-solicit new Proposals.

E. Final Selection:

The selection committee will then make a recommendation to the Village Board whose decision will be final.


End of RFQ


Space Needs RFQ 6-21-19