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Vacation Watch

The Elburn Police Department is pleased to be able to provide the service of checking your residence while you are away on vacation.

There are a few facts of which you should be aware.

  • Vacation checks are done by our officers as a courtesy and as time and manpower permits. Because our activity levels vary greatly we may not able to check each home on a daily basis. The duration of the vacation check is to be no longer than six weeks.
  • We will accept vacation check requests for residences only, but not under any of the following circumstances:
    • When someone will be living inside the residence.
    • When a home is vacant.
    • When a house is for sale.
  • We recommend that you let your neighbors know that you are on vacation and ask that they watch your home and report any suspicious activity to police by calling 9-1-1. This suggestion is the basis for a successful
    Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Please inform us if there is going to be a dog or other animal cared for outside your home. Our officers need to know this so that there are no surprise encounters which could be dangerous.
  • The officers also need to know if anyone will be going inside to care for pets or plants, etc. A surprise encounter of a person inside your home could be hazardous to everyone.
  • If you return home earlier than planned, please go to the police department first to report your return. YOU MUST REPORT IN PERSON. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS AS PROPER NOTIFICATION.
  • Please tell your neighbors that we will be checking your residence from time to time so that they are aware of the purpose of our visits.
  • Please arrange for your premises to look lived-in while you are away. Such things as an uncut lawn, snow accumulation on driveways/sidewalk, and the accumulation of papers and mail tell a would-be burglar that he has found the right target.

The Elburn Police Department hopes that your vacation will be enjoyable for you. We hope that our services and suggestions will make your return uneventful.

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