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About the Parks Commission

The Elburn Parks Commission is an advisory commission to the Village Board to assist in the acquisition, management, and future use planning of Village parks and recreational assets and to represent the interests of the Village residents in all matters relating to the parks and recreational facilities owned by the Village of Elburn.

It is the responsibility of the Park Commissioners to listen to the concerns, opinions, and ideas of its residents and represent these to the entire Park Commission for discussion and decision-making purposes.    The Park Commissioners are responsible for responding to the residents by sharing the information and decisions made by the body.

To help guide their decision-making process, the Elburn Parks Commission uses the Elburn Park Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan, completed in 2023, was formulated with community input and guidance.

The Park Commission is involved in the development of policies pertaining to parks, while the staff of the Village has the responsibility to administer the policies. The Park Commissioners have input in determining priorities for capital outlay related to parks.

The Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for their consideration. In preparing such recommendations, the Elburn Parks Commission may undertake such research and studies as it may deem necessary and may consult with such community organizations or governmental bodies as is required for the production of the necessary information.

Time: 7:00 p.m.
Day:  Third Tuesday of the month
Location: Village Hall , 301 E. North St., Elburn, IL 60119

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Board Members

Rob Reilley
Dave Dickinson
Dawn Kuefler
Amy Szumny
Brian McCarty
Tim White
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