In the interest of safety for Bicycle and Motorcycle riders in the Village of Elburn as we move into the warmer months we will be enforcing the littering ordinance as it pertains to anyone placing materials on the roadways. One of the most common occurrences for items being placed on the roadways that pose a hazard to riders are grass clippings and other lawn/shrub debris. Those loose grass clippings can cause a motorcyclist or bicyclist to lose control as they ride over them and potentially lead to a crash. Elburn Police will be issuing citations to anyone caught violating the local ordinance 624.06 which will carry an initial fine of $80.

We ask all residents and business owners to please take care to ensure that as you cut your grass and shrubs that you don’t blow the clippings out onto the roads. Please be mindful of the safety hazards that may be associated with these routine property maintenance items, and remember to clean the sidewalks off also if you have them in your neighborhood.