Village of Elburn | (630) 365-5060 | M-F 7:00AM - 3:30PM


Village Clerk: Diane McQuilkin
Phone: 630-365-5064
Address:  422 E. North Street, Elburn, IL 60119

Police Department
Phone: 630-365-5070
Address: 301 E. North Street, Elburn, IL 60119

The Freedom of Information Request form has been provided to assist individuals who are seeking to obtain public records maintained by the Village of Elburn as provided by the Illinois FOIA.

Please download and fill out the form completely, being as specific as possible. Remember that the Illinois FOIA does not require the Village to create new documents responding to your request; it requires the Village to produce documents that already exist.


FOIA Form – Non-Police
Send non-police-related requests to the Village Clerk.

FOIA Form – Police
Send Police related requests to the Police Department.


Non-commercial use – Each public body shall, promptly, either comply with or deny a request for public records within 5 business days after its receipt of the request, unless the time for response is properly extended.

Commercial Use –  A public body shall respond to a request for records to be used for a commercial purpose within 21 working days after receipt.

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