Blackberry Township Referendum fact sheet

  1. Voting November 6, 2018
  2. Blackberry Township has about 60 mile of roadway (6 miles are gravel)
  3. About half of the roads are in Mill Creek
  4. About half of the Township roadways are in various subdivisions and some thru roads
  5. The Mill Creek Equalized Assessed Evaluation (EAV) is about 44% of the Township total
  6. The Township roads are getting older (73%) are between 11 and 25 years old. A road condition goal is to have a score of 72, Blackberry Township roads have a score of 50.07
  7. 30% of Blackberry Township roads are rated good to excellent
  8. Preventive maintenance costs about $.15 to $.50/SF
  9. Resurfacing cost is about $1.00 to $4.00/SF
  10. Reconstruction costs about $8.00 to $12/SF
  11. The cost to keep up or repair a road escalates after 12 years
  12. The current budget, on average, allows us to resurface about one to one an one and half miles per year. At this rate a road would be resurfaced about ever 35 years
  13. If the referendum passes, a minimum of 4-5 miles of roadway could be resurfaced annually
  14. In 2018, BBT Highway District had a total of $841,097 dollars from real estate taxes to pay for all Highway Department salaries, equipment, fuel insurance, etc.; as well as all snow plowing and salt purchases prior to allocating dollars for roadway repairs.
  15. If the referendum passes, all the increased dollars will be dedicated to roadway repairs, not for salaries nor equipment
  16. The referendum asks voters to increase the Road District tax by only 8 cents per 100 dollars of assessed evaluation. This translates to about $80.00 annually on a $300,000 house or twenty-two (.22) cents per day.
  17. If the referendum does pass Elburn would receive about an additional $45,000

YOUR ROADS, YOUR CHOICE  For additional information contact: Blackberry Township 630-365 9109 EXT2 or