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    Please complete and submit the form below to request a Bike Rack Installation. Full Name (required): Business Name (required): Address (required): Phone (required): Email (required): How many bike racks do you want installed? (required): Address of Desired Location (required): Property owner or management company name if applicable: Has the property owner or management company, and the business owner/manager provided approval? (required) yesno Description of bike rack (required): Businesses that buy bike racks will have the installation done at no cost by the Village of Elburn at a village and business approved spot. There are many options for bike racks. *We encourage business to order the ones they feel would enhance their business. However, bike rack should be still village approved for size.
    Please note we cannot install racks on private property. The rack must be installed on public property. I understand that bike rack must be approved before installation (required):

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