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Signs of Typical Batterers
Batterers typically:
  • Suffer from low self-esteem and insecurity.
  • Adhere strictly to stereotypical sex roles.
  • Feel an obsessive need to be "in control."
  • Express all emotions as anger and act abusively on that anger. 
  • Present a "Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde" personality - bouts of violence with periods of tenderness and affection.
In the context of intimate relationships, batterers typically:
  • Are unable to maintain relationships except on a superficial level.
  • Are isolated and often described as "loners."
  • Are inappropriately jealous of their partner's friends and contacts.
  • Blame others, particularly their wives or partners, for their own problems. 
  • Use sex as an act of aggression to exert control and boost self-esteem. 
  • Accept violence as an appropriate solution to conflict.
  • Do not expect their violence to have negative consequences.

Additional Information
The above information was adapted from the work by AMEND, Lenore Walker, and Jennifer Baker Fleming.